Novels for 8th Graders – 3 Must-Read Books

Eighth grade means you’re officially allowed to read serious books and interesting novels that will take you into a world of unforgettable stories.

Here is a list of 3 exciting novels for 8th graders that are a must-read:

1. Island of the Blue Dolphins

Author – Scott O’Dell

Due to unfortunate circumstances, a young Indian girl is left completely alone on a gorgeous island that is isolated from the world. She spends eighteen years of her life on this island which is off the coast of California, surviving solely on the mountain of courage within her and even managing to find some happiness there.

2. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Author – Mark Haddon

Christopher John Francis Boone knows every single prime number till 7057. This 15 year old boy has an amazingly logical brain that can remember things with remarkable ease, like all the countries and their capitals of the world. But one day when the neighbor’s dog, Wellington, is murdered, Christother gets determined to solve the murder in the style of Sherlock Holmes – his favourite detective. A truly poignant and funny read.

3. The Fault in Our Stars

Author – John Green

Hazel has a tumor which has been shrinking, thanks to a medical marvel by the doctors. But she is still diagnosed as terminal and cannot go anywhere without an oxygen tank by her side. At a cancer support group, she meets Augustus, and her life changes. This is a book about teens facing cancer, about their triumphs and tragedies, about romance in the face of death.